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Oliver: Granted April 02, 2011


The Story of Oliver

Last Updated: April 02, 2011

Here is Oliver's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Oliver was an owner turn-in, along with his "breeding" mate, due to a move where they were living on a large ranch and were becoming "coyote bait". Owner was fearful of their situation and also was becoming too busy to take care of them. Owner never mentioned any medical issues until after we received them in. "Oh by the way, he bleeds rectally and my vet says neutering him will fix it". Well, upon exam, Oliver had a prolapsed rectum with a mass. Definitely needed to be neutered, but also needed biopsies and to have his rectum placed by in and sutured. His attitude is outstanding, and you wouldn't know he has any issues, without examining him.
"Oliver is a bright and shining star. He has such a great temperament and loves to play ball, he is very smart, a true "people dog" and has a continuous smile. Unfortunately, the environment he came from, with wild animals, fleas, other parasites and possibly "trash eating" caught up to him and he has this medical problem. We are hoping all turns out well for him.
"Along with neutering and needing a dental, Oliver had a mass and prolapsed rectum. We had to replace the rectum and purse string suture it for a couple days to get inflammation down, and see if it will stay in. We are awaiting results of the mass biopsy also.
"Oliver deserves a second chance, hoping histo comes bag negative for cancer. Very optimistic about his recovery."
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expense of the surgery Oliver needed. We are all surely hoping that he has many years of happy healthy life ahead!
Oliver was rescued in Arizona.

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