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Dempsey: Granted April 02, 2011


The Story of Dempsey

Last Updated: April 02, 2011

Here is Dempsey's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Dempsey was found as a stray, presumably, hit by a car. He was treated at the Emergency Clinic and turned into the Humane Society. They deemed him unadoptable, due to age and his fractured and degloved front leg. He was marked for euthanasia when a volunteer saw him on that day and called me immediately. We pulled him that day and have been rehabilitating him since.
"Great disposition. Allowed us to rebandage and scrub wounds with no problems at all. For an intact male, no aggression towards other dogs, just playful. His front left leg being fractured, was painful, however he never showed pain or being grouchy with pain. When he had been transferred to the Humane Society, they quit treating his wounds. He had the same splint on for 5 days and no antibiotics. The first splint removal was a bit frightening, as the smell was bad and when bandage removed, his paw was black and all wounds, down to bone, oozing. He turned around quickly and healed very nicely.
"Dempsey will make someone a great companion. He is very loyal and loving, listens well and enjoys human and animal interaction."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Dempsey recover from his injury, so he can go forward and lead the happy life he deserves. Thank you!
Dempsey was rescued in Arizona.

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