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Lacey: Granted January 14, 2011


The Story of Lacey

Last Updated: January 31, 2011

As much as we wish every rescue story had a happy ending, sometimes the reality is that a dog cannot be returned to good health.
Here is Lacey's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Lacey was an owner turn-in due to the fact the owners said they could not house train her. Lacey was a very sick dog when I got her in that she had gotten into a compost bin and had a serious bacterial infection, was not concentrating urine and had explosive diarrhea.
"Lacey, while at her previous owner had gotten into a compost bin and ate things in the bin and therefore developed and still has a serious bacterial infection of her GI tract, is not concentrating urine, may have damage to her kidneys as a result of the infection, had a seizure upon arriving at the vet's office which was taken care of by the vet, she also may be tested for diabetes insipidus."
CorgiAid supporters helped with the expense of Lacey's emergency care, and with her diagnosis of protein-losing enteropathy. Sadly, her condition was so serious that it became clear that the kindest thing for her was to help her not suffer any more.

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