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Mino: Granted December 18, 2010


The Story of Mino

Last Updated: December 18, 2010

"Mino (El Camino) came in with her Brother and best friend in the world, Rider. She is very timid and looks to Rider for him to tell her if it's okay or not. She is a little pudgy, as is Rider, but only by 2-3 lbs, which we will get off of her quickly. Her teeth, thank goodness, were not quite as bad as Rider's. She had bad tartar and she does have gum recession, but she didn't need to have any extracted. We have cleaned up her teeth and will work on helping the gum recession, so she can keep her "pearly whites"
"Very timid, but once she warms up to you or I should say, once Rider warms up to you, she will come sit in your lap and get her pettings. She definitely has to be adopted with Rider and we will try everything possible to make this happen."
CorgiAid supporters will help Mino with the expense of having her dental work, so she and Rider can go forward and lead the healthy lives they deserve. Thank you!
Mino and Rider are in Arizona.

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