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Benny C: Granted December 04, 2010


The Story of Benny C

Last Updated: December 04, 2010

Rescuer: Jeanette DeMars at

Here is Benny's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"I always try to give dogs in my own "backyard" preference in taking them in to Corgi Connection. So when I was called by the state to take Benny without even know the extent of his injury was knew I wanted to help.
"Benny C came from a puppy mill in NW Kansas where there were 1,500 dogs! The state did a seizure and took about 500 of the dogs. Benny C was the only corgi and has a mouth and nose injury from being attacked when he was a puppy. According to the breeder the injury was left untreated. When I first laid eyes on Benny I actually cried, but I don't feel sorry for him any more - just hopeful of his future and that someone will take him in and love him just like any other pet.
"Benny C has displayed some signs of aggression towards other dogs only. He does fine with cats. I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what triggers it; seems to be a space issue for the most part. It is only a warning growl and he corrects very quickly.
"Benny C is about 5 years old and given the environment he came from is very sweet natured towards people. He really just wants to be close to you. He would probably do best as an only dog, but in my opinion could be managed with another dog. He has a lot to learn.
"It's very important to stress that Benny is able to eat, drink and chew. He is physically normal.
"I did send pictures to Kansas State University Veterinary Hospital. They thought some corrective surgery could be done but it would be purely cosmetic. At this point I have no intention of putting Benny through a surgery just to make him look better to us humans."
CorgiAid supporters helped get Benny's mouth evaluated and his teeth cleaned, and are helping him get all shined up on his health care, so he can lead the happy life he deserves. Thank you!
Benny is in Kansas.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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