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Ruby Slippers: Granted November 22, 2010


The Story of Ruby Slippers

Last Updated: November 23, 2010

Here is Ruby's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"A corgi was abandoned in apartment in August. A month later she was discovered, nearly dead. It was assumed by animal control that she had been barely surviving by eating her own feces and those of her feline companions. She was brought back to health at the shelter, awaiting the time the responsible party could be brought to justice, and she could be legally made a ward of the county. The trial is over, punishment rendered and legal ownership relinquished. Officer Reynolds called me and I agreed to take her. Renamed Ruby Slippers she arrived at my place just a few hours after Sonic Boomer left for his forever home. Rescue truly is a revolving door.
"Happy and friendly, Ruby Slippers shows no sign of her former neglect. In fact, she's probably been a little over rehabilitated as she's now a little to heavy for her frame. "
CorgiAid supporters will help Ruby get shined up on her health care, so she can go forward and lead the happy life she deserves. Thank you!
Ruby is in Oklahoma.

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