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Kemo: Granted October 06, 2010


The Story of Kemo

Last Updated: October 09, 2010

Rescuer: Kathy Hall at

Sadly, not every rescue story has a happy ending.
Here is Kemo's story, in the words of his rescuer.
"Here's Kemo's story. I got a call from the SPCA saying a corgi had come in as a stray, had really bad teeth and needed to be out of there within 24 hours or he would be put down. He was described as neutered and in need of a dental and "the sweetest" you can imagine, playful and very loving.
"I made some calls and found a volunteer who was willing to pick him up that day. She said he smelled so bad she had to drive home with the window half open. This photo is after he had two baths. She agreed that the tartar on his teeth and the smell from his mouth were the worst anyone had ever seen. She took him to a vet that was described as "rescue friendly." The vet said he needed a dental ASAP so we had that done. They extracted 9 teeth (according to the vet several of them literally fell out, an additional tooth had fallen out in his crate on the way home the first day).
"The bad news is they found two tumors. One in his jaw and one in his anus. They didn't do a biopsy but said we would know more when he came back for his follow up visit."
Unfortunately the news about the tumors was not good.
Kemo, who has been renamed Munchkin by his foster mom, is now in hospice care. He is receiving fairly heavy doses of pain meds, which are necessary to keep him comfortable. As long as he gets his meds, he enjoys spending time with his foster siblings, and his foster mom.
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expense of his dental clean-up, which has helped him be as comfortable as he can be. Thank you.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Kathy Hall at for more information.

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