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Silvy: Granted July 06, 2010


The Story of Silvy

Last Updated: July 06, 2010

Rescuer: Diane Hamelin at

Here is Silvy's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Silvy was dropped off at a shelter in by her former owners who said they could no longer afford to care for her. Since we've worked with this particular shelter before, one of their volunteers contacted me the same day that Silvy came in. She needed rescue ASAP because of the condition of her skin: she was very itchy and had lick granulomas on all four legs and she had also been licking her anal area, too.
"Silvy's skin issues need to be resolved. Her skin biopsy ruled out mange (and cancer, thank goodness): she was positive for yeast and bacterial infections. She may have a flea allergy or it may be food-related. She has also had a few episodes with tenderness in her tummy area. After checking this out, our vet in TN believes she simply needs more exercise to get her to have a bowel movement so the tummy problem should be under-control once she is no longer hospitalized (and meanwhile, the staff is taking her out more frequently). X-rays also revealed she has an old double-fracture in her hip which has healed: she has some mild stiffness in the back end, sometimes, because of the resulting arthritis.
"Poor Silvy can't seem to catch a break: not only is her skin a mess but she then tested HW+ so she was treated for that on 6/29/10. "
Poor Silvy, indeed!
CorgiAid supporters will help Silvy get comfortable in her own skin, so she can lead the happy life she deserves. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Diane Hamelin at for more information.

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