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Choctaw Chuck: Granted June 28, 2010


The Story of Choctaw Chuck

Last Updated: June 28, 2010

Rescuer: B. Diane Myers at

Here is Chuck's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Choctaw Chuck and his three non-corgi canine companions found themselves at the shelter because the family could no longer afford to keep their pets, plus they were moving and getting a divorce, and the baby might be allergic. I couldn't take all of them, but was happy to save Chuck. He appears physically healthy. Needs a dental and then to be tested for all the usual suspects.
"He's been an outside farm dog, so the house is scary, the leash is an abomination, food inside a bowl odd (he dumps in on the floor before eating), and the crate strangely comforting. He has experienced a heavy hand as any quick body movements from a human sends him ducking for cover, but kind words bring him back. In the 24 hours I've had him, he's already showing improvement on all those things."
CorgiAid supporters will help Chuck get shined up on his health care, so he can go forward and do the work of learning how to be a beloved family member. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact B. Diane Myers at for more information.

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