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Minnie: Granted June 14, 2010


The Story of Minnie

Last Updated: June 14, 2010

Here is Minnie's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Minnie was found with Mickey. We are assuming, not only were they a breeding pair, they are littermates. Minnie was engorged with milk and having a very bloody discharge. The good Samaritan that found these two looked everywhere for their owners and the puppies, but couldn't find them.
"Very sweet. Very small. Very fast!! Adores Mickey.
"Minnie had just had a litter of puppies that were lost somewhere and she had a horrible discharge. Her toenails were so long her little pads wouldn't touch the floor and the quicks were grown almost to the tips. Had to "cut back" her nails under anesthesia to allow her to walk normal. She also had not absorbed her placenta as she should have. There were seven placenta spaces, meaning seven pups :(
"Minnie is the sweetest little thing. She needs to gain some weight (unreal I am saying that about a Corgi!!) She adored Mickey and the two will be adopted together we hope. After she healed from her surgery, I took her for a basic agility class, just to see if we had a recall on her. Fastest dog there!! Amazing. Hoping the two of them, who have lost so much already, will stay together and go to a home where they will have lots of activity."
CorgiAid supporters will help Minnie recover from her spay and toenail reduction, so she can zoooooooom! into her happy future. Thank you!

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