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Eddy: Granted June 04, 2010


The Story of Eddy

Last Updated: June 04, 2010

Rescuer: B. Diane Myers at

Here is Eddy's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"I picked up Eddy at the shelter. They reported that he had been hit by a car, then picked by AC last Thursday, sat at the shelter without even a medical evaluation through is 3 day stray hold, then they called me.
"He's had a rough life. The shock collar he was wearing wore a bald patch on his neck. The choke collar he was wearing was rusted. His bones are sticking out everywhere. His eyes were crusted over with green goo. His coat is in terrible shape and he's covered in fleas and ticks. I assumed he would be too old and sick, and his injuries allowed to sit too long might not be fixable, and he would not be adoptable, but I couldn't let him die in the shelter. After today's vet visit, surprise he's already neutered, and not more than 5 years old, with no injuries. It's just been a hard 5 years. Lots of worms, a dirty mouth, conjunctivitis, and malnutrition.
"He's a really sweet fellow. He knows sit and sit pretty and automatically goes into a down when the food bowl is presented. Someone loved him once."
CorgiAid supporters will help Eddy get healthy so he can lead the happy life he deserves, loved once again. Thank you.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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