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Boyer: Granted June 01, 2010


The Story of Boyer

Last Updated: June 01, 2010

Rescuer: Diane Hamelin at

Here is Boyer's story, in the words of his reacuer:
"Boyer was owner-surrendered: his lifelong owner has financial problems and can no longer afford to keep his dogs.
"Boyer was brought to the vet by his foster mom 3 days after we took him in to rescue. The vet did a quick once-over and said she did not like what she saw: that there was something terribly wrong with him. His gums were very pale and she could barely hear his heartbeat. X-rays revealed that he had an old tear or hernia in his abdominal diaphragm and his intestines and some other organs had all moved thru the hernia and in to his chest cavity. His white blood cell count was also high and since his teeth and gums and his breath were so nasty, she cleaned his teeth in the hope that this would help bring down the white blood cell count (and also make his mouth feel much better!). Two days after his X-rays and dental, he was operated on to repair the hernia and to move the organs back to where they belong. Once he was opened up, the vet discovered that the following organs were all in the wrong location: his intestines, spleen, liver & pancreas (all were wrapped around his heart). She also discovered that the liver and spleen were cancerous. He also had a tumor in his intestine. The spleen was removed and the tumor in the intestine was removed, too, which caused him to lose about 12" of his intestines. The vet remarked that she didn't know how he was able to eat, because the tumor was so large that the intestine was almost completely blocked. The liver looked so bad that she didn't think sectioning it would help. She moved the organs back to where they belong, repaired the hernia, and we just prayed that he would wake up.
"Boyer is a VERY sweet dog. He is feeling MUCH better now that his teeth are clean and his organs are back where they belong!! He was having a lot of difficulty moving/standing/walking because he was in so much pain before his surgery (on 5/28/10). He seems like a new and much happier dog now!"
CorgiAid supporters will help with the expense of finding out what was wrong with Boyer and fixing things -- as much as was possible. His last time on this planet will be SO much more comfortable, thanks to you! Thank you.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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