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Scooter: Granted May 23, 2010


The Story of Scooter

Last Updated: May 23, 2010

Here is Scooter's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Upon intake into foster care, it was immediately evident that this dog had been seriously neglected physically. He was filthy dirty, had very long, curled nails, but worst of all, the worst intestinal infection we've ever seen. It is evident that the dog has had this for a LONG time. It was so bad that all of the skin in the anal area was raw and bleeding, his skin on his rear legs and stomach was visibly inflamed. He's also severely overweight. He should probably weigh about 28-30 pounds. At 41.6 pounds, he has trouble walking. We've begun treatment for all of his issues and he's already losing weight.
"From a temperament standpoint, they just don't get any nicer. This fellow greets everyone he meets (people and other dogs) with happy enthusiasm. No fear, not overly pushy - nice solid temperament. He's a classic sweet, affectionate corgi male - a real Teddy Bear. We've had absolutely NO trouble in managing him. He corrects easily, is bright and learns quickly. Someone is going to be absolutely thrilled to get this dog. Candidly, he is one I'd consider keeping for myself if I didn't already have my full complement of canines! He's THAT nice!"
CorgiAid supporters will help Scooter get healthy, so he can go foward and lead the happy life he deserves.
Thank you!

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