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Osa aka Little Bear: Granted May 08, 2010


The Story of Osa aka Little Bear

Last Updated: May 08, 2010

Here is Osa's story, in the words of her foster mom:
"Darling Osa was a stray who was taken to a crowded rural shelter where she remained for more than a month. We were contacted about her just prior to Christmas. I visited her and pulled her from the shelter soon afterward. Osa then had a thorough vet check that revealed several medical issues that needed addressing. Her eye was an obvious issue but we also learned that Osa was pregnant and that she had an Ehrlichia infection as well. Blood work was necessary to determine if Osa's platelet count was high enough to safely allow spay surgery. Tapeworms, fleas and ticks were also ganging up on sweet Osa.
"After Osa's spay surgery and recovery we then scheduled her for eye surgery. This long procedure revealed that Osa had definitely experienced a puncture wound(adhesions/scarring at the back of her eye) as well as having an inward rolled eyelid that had scarred her cornea. Osa's ophthalmic procedure was a four hour surgery which included the entropion correction and a prolapsed third eye repair. This precious bear was so tolerant of everything that we had to put her through. She even allowed Dr. Z. to remove her eyelid stitches without having any sedation!
"Osa is a wonderfully sweet thing. She has recovered nicely although her first few days post op from her eye surgery were very hard on her. She was no fan of the E-collar either. We know that she is happy and so much more comfortable now that her eye has been "repaired". Although the damage to her vision turned out to be beyond correction we do feel that Osa has an estimated 10% of vision from the periphery of her injured eye."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Osa to be MUCH more comfortable. She can now go forward and lead the healthy life she deserves. Thank you!

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