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Sally: Granted April 04, 2010


The Story of Sally

Last Updated: April 04, 2010

Sadly not every rescue story has a happy ending. Everyone is sad that Sally's little body wasn't able to overcome all of its issues.
Here is Sally's story:
"Sally was owned by an elderly woman. The woman went to a nursing home and Sally was left at home in her crate up to 12 hours at one time. The son went over twice a day to feed and water. After three months he called us to take Sally. When we picked her up she had a cherry eye and was urinating blood.
"Sally is doing well in her foster home. She is recuperating from bladder surgery. She had over 100 small bladder stones and two larger. She was in a lot of pain when trying to urinate. In addition, her shoulder was out of place when we got her. Her harness had evidently never been sized up. It was so tight that we had to cut it off of her. Her eye was also painful and she would not let anyone near the right side of her face.
"When I started this application Sally was doing very well. She recuperated from her surgeries and was adjusting to her foster home well. She was even chasing bunnies in the yard.
"She was still on antibiotics due to a continuing infection in her bladder. Within an eight hour period she went down hill fast. We rushed her to the ER Clinic. They ran blood work and did x-rays. They were stumped. They were unable to revive her. We still don't know the cause of death. There is speculation that she has a severe reaction to the new antibiotic. Her foster family was devastated! We were all attached to her. Considering her condition when we got her, and what a great recovery she was making, well, it was difficult for all of us."
CorgiAid supporters will help with the medical expenses Sally incurred. Thank you.

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