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Rodeo Mike: Granted February 22, 2010


The Story of Rodeo Mike

Last Updated: March 15, 2010

Rescuer: B. Diane Myers at

Here is Rodeo Mike's story:
"Rodeo Mike and Bubba were sentenced to prison for kiling chickens, in a place where vigilante farmers usually take the law into their own hands and the suspects never make it to trial. The warden saw potential in them, and felt if they could make it to the city where there are no chickens to tempt them, then maybe they could be rehabilitated and become contributing members of society. He offered them time served for good behavior and called rescue. I drove an hour and a half to pick up the two felons. Unfortunately, Bubba had already received the death penalty but no one had told him. The AC officer had informed me that he had broke with vomiting and diarrhea this morning, but felt it was nothing a little metronidazole wouldn't take care of. Bubba died 45 minutes after we arrived home, from an unknown cause (possibly poison). Rest in Peace, Bubba."
So sad for Rodeo Mike and Bubba's rescuer to lose Bubba.
CorgiAid supporters will help Rodeo work on getting healthy so he can lead the happy life he deserves. Thank you!

UPDATE: March 15, 2010
Rodeo, with help from his rescuer, earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate, and has gone home with his new family.
THANK YOU, CorgiAid supporters, for helping Rodeo get ready to lead the rest of his life!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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