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Tucker: Granted February 21, 2010


The Story of Tucker

Last Updated: February 21, 2010

Tucker came into rescue with sore and swollen testicles.
Here is his story:
"Tucker's castration was complicated. He had adhesions in the scrotal sac due to Valley Fever, which we had confirmed with histopathology and blood work.
"Not truly Infectious disease to other animals, but a fungal disease, very common in the Southwestern United States. Usually affects lungs, but in dogs becomes more progressive and can affect bone, brain, other internal organs, and, as in Tucker's case, reproductive organs. If there are open lesions, Valley Fever can be contracted by humans unless handled very carefully.
"Tucker will have to continue on his medications for approximately 6 months, having recheck titers for Valley Fever in one month and then 6 months. As long as his titer decreases, he will be fine. If his titer continues the same or increases, different medications will be needed, and for a longer period of time. Quality of life at this point is very good and prognosis looks promising, since we have removed the 'infected' area -- his testicles." CorgiAid supporters will help Tucker work on going forward into the healthy life he deserves. Thank you!

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