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Gabe: Granted September 23, 2009


The Story of Gabe

Last Updated: September 23, 2009

Rescuer: James Di Loreto at

Here is Gabe's story in the words of his rescuer: "Gabe has severe cataracts in both eyes. Our vet has aged him at seven. He is full of life and of a very joyful disposition. He has many healthy years ahead of him.
"He is in foster care at my home, has been here for more than a month. There are seven dogs in the home. Occasionally, when Gabe bumps into one of the other dogs, there is an exchange of growling. At a recent picnic with 80 people present at my home, Gabe remained friendly and outgoing throughout the entire day, wandering at will among the guests. He is terrific with infants and toddlers. He appears to have been in a home with very small children and is a sort of nursemaid to them. At the picnic, he sought out a toddler just beginning to walk and was greatly attentive and gentle with the child. At our shelter, a few weeks ago, Gabe was in a room with a crying infant. He raced over to the infant and began comforting and licking it.
"Gabe has seen a veterinary ophthalmologist in Williamston, MI, and has been judged an excellent candidate for cataract surgery. His eye pressures are excellent. His general health is excellent."
CorgiAid supporters will help Gabe regain his vision. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact James Di Loreto at for more information.

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