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Duncan: Granted June 19, 2008


The Story of Duncan

Last Updated: June 19, 2008

Here is Duncan's story in the words of his rescuer: "We rescued Duncan from an owner that was not properly caring for him. We had heard that other dogs in the home were "roughing him up" and also that he had been used as a stud for breeding purposes. When we talked the owner in to releasing him to us, he was in pretty bad shape - he had obviously been in a fight and then not taken to the vet (ear was full of dried blood), skin raw on his nose where it appeared that another dog had bitten him. It also looked like he hadn't been groomed in years - his coat was very rough and patchy. He also had fleas which we have since treated him for."
Duncan brought heartworms with him to rescue. CorgiAid supporters will help him get up to speed on health care, and get rid of those nasty heartworms, so he can lead a happy life. Thank you!

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