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Molly Poppins: Granted May 19, 2008


The Story of Molly Poppins

Last Updated: May 19, 2008

Extreme tissue alert!
Unhappily not every rescue story has a happy ending.
Here is Molly's story.
"Molly had severe hip displasia and had the femural head of her hip calcified to her hip socket so there is no rotation. She also had a calcified vertebrae and disc on her 7th vertebrae. She had a slipped disc between the 7-8th vertebrae. She has stretched ligament in her right hip which is the same side as her hip calcification. Her left hip was also beginning to calcify to the joint. She after going to the vet within a week had a small bout with paralysis and needed to be given the benefit of the doubt and let cross the rainbow bridge to continue PAIN FREE." CorgiAid supporters will see to it that Molly's rescuers, whose hearts broke when they did the right thing for her, do not end up paying in dollars as well as tears.
Thank you.

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