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Wiley: Granted May 19, 2008


The Story of Wiley

Last Updated: May 19, 2008

Rescuer: Jane Christensen at

Wiley and three other dogs came into rescue from a puppy mill.
Here is what their rescuer says about Wiley:
"Wiley is a delightful timid small corgi who needs to learn to trust people. She needs alot of training and would make a wonderful companion animal. She needs to be housebroken and leash trained or to be kenneled while outside. She is shy but does want attention.
"Wiley is learning fast but I know that her trust is a problem from years of abuse. She is not potty or leash trained. There's so much more to say...they are great dogs that got into a bad owners home... I have not had a chance to try her around children yet but my thought would be that she needs a home with Just a few people around a fair amount of the time she is so SWEET! She is physically a little akward and I believe that may be due to not enough exercise and if she builds up her back leg muscles all will be fine. She does not "fit" the corgi standard as for weight and looks but she is a Corgi. An older couple would be great as long as they could keep up her phsical activity with daily walks."
Wiley and the others all need to be brought up to speed on basic health care. CorgiAid supporters will help. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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