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Pirate: Granted March 01, 2008


The Story of Pirate

Last Updated: March 01, 2008

Here is Pirate's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Pirate came to us from a very rural shelter where he had been dropped off by a commercial breeder. Pirate was very ill when we got him. His teeth were so infected and abscessed that only a slight clean up could be done. Unfortunatly bacteria from his mouth had already moved to his blood stream. His temp shot to 105.4 and he could not walk.We rushed to the ER Clinic. He almost died twice. Monday morning we then went to the specialty clinic. The final diagnosis was sepsis.
"In addition, when we got him he had what we thought was a injury to his eye. Our vet informed us that he probably had dry eye that was never treated. An ulcer formed, and was never treated. Due to scar tissue, he has lost the sight in one eye. He also has a scar under the eye as you can see in the photo.
"Pirate will lay in my arms for as long as I will hold him. He likes the other dogs. He is a favorite at the vet clinics.
"Pirate is a little guy. He has a beautiful dark red coat, and now it is finally shiny. His eyes are now shining and he has started barking --- and barking and barking to get out of his crate."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Pirate get rid of all that awful infection, and he feels so much better now! Thank you!

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