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Sydney: Granted January 13, 2008


The Story of Sydney

Last Updated: January 13, 2008

Here is Sidney's story in the words of her rescuer: "Sydney's mom left with a biker leaving dad, children, and Sydney. Dad just didn't have time for her so he gave her to an elderly friend. The friend put Sydney out in the un-fenced back yard and forgot that she was there. She was found on a WalMart parking lot just wandering. A vet tech found her and called me. And I swear, this is the truth, about the biker I mean. We managed to track down the original owner with posted signs. He signed Sydney over to me.
"Sydney is well behaved, affectionate, loves other dogs and people.
"Her teeth were covered in that lovley green stuff and several molars abcessed. In addition she picked up what we thought was pneumonia. She had a terrible wet cough. But after x-rays it was decided that she had tracheitis, probably from the dentistry.
"Sydney ws very overweight when we got her. That's in addition to her medical problems. She has already lost several pounds and is now trying to run with the other Corgis in her foster home."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Sydney get a clean and healthy mouth, so she can go forward and live the happy life she deserves. Thank you!

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