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Ollie: Granted November 19, 2007


The Story of Ollie

Last Updated: January 07, 2008

Rescuer: Tina Anderson at

Ollie's story, in the words of his rescuers:
"This poor dog was intentionally being left outside to fend for himself, had no water or food... and was being starved to death. A neighbor discovered it, began feeding the dog and getting water to him. She researched rescue groups, and contacted ForPaws.
"We drove 2+ hours to get the dog... who was emaciated, covered with fly bites, open cuts, and had such a severe eye infection that the mucous had half filled the open part of his eyes. He had dried crusts of old mucous built up and protruding over 3/8" from his eyelids. His nails were so long, that his feet may have permanent changes. The pads on both front and back feet, were forced so far apart (due to nail length)that the webbing between his toes looked like it was on the verge of tearing... and it forced him to walk on his pasterns & hocks.
"We secured his release from the owner... and drove 2+ hours back home and went straight to the vet.
"The vet vaccinated him, and tested him for illness. He had giardia, worms, filthy ears, the eye infection, and turned out heartworm positive. Per the vet we are very lucky, and we caught the heartworm in the early stages. Throughout all of this Ollie has maintained a very playful and happy demeanor."
Despite everything he has been through, Ollie has maintained a cheerful disposition. CorgiAid supporters will help Ollie get healthy, so he can live the happy life he deserves. Thank you! Update Jan. 7, 2008, with new picture. It is hard to believe this is the same dog!
Thank you, CorgiAid supporters, for helping Ollie feel so very much better!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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