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Lola: Granted February 13, 2007


The Story of Lola

Last Updated: February 13, 2007

Here is Lola's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"I picked Lola up from a county shelter, and took her straight to the vet. After an exam and x-rays we discovered that she had bacterial pheumonia. It was touch and go for a few days. After she recovered, I took her in for a spay and to have a dental. Our vet discovered a long C-section incision that had not been correctly sutured. She was spayed and had a partial dental because her teeth were covered in, for lack of a better description, green scuzzy stuff and her gums were bleeding. He found a tooth, back molar which has three roots, abcessed and broken. Little Lola then visited out veterinary dentist. He was unable to save the tooth. He did a complete cleaning, removed the tooth, and put her back on antibiotics. Lola was a street girl making her way the best that she could. She was very thin and had trouble fighting off her pneumonia. But Lola has spirit and she is a tough little girl. She is doing very well. She loves people, especially children, and gets along okay with most other dogs. She has responded well to love and attention and learned basic commands quickly.
"After Lola was well, I took her to visit a local sixth grade class. She walked in like she was in school everyday. She had a smile for everyone. The children were sitting Indian style on the floor in a big circle. Lola went to each child and loved and kissed them. She is a wonderful girl who had a terrible start in life. I hope to place her in a home that will take her to schools or nursing homes."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Lola get healthy, so she can look for the loving home she deserves. Thank you!

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