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Wheezie: Granted November 04, 2006


The Story of Wheezie

Last Updated: November 04, 2006

Little Wheezie came to rescue at 16 weeks old. At 14 weeks her owners ran over her with their truck. They did not take her to a veterinarian. When she would not walk, the owners gave her to a vet tech who immediately called us. Because she was so young, her growth plates were not closed. Our surgeon put her on pain meds and a NASID and told us at 10-11 months old we should x-ray to see that the growth plates are closed, then have her surgery done. Her hip socket is completley crushed. The head of the femur is approximatley 1 1/4" above her crushed hip socket. Wheezie will get a new hip socket and the femur will be fitted into it. She should be able to lead a normal life in a pet home. She will also receive rehabiliation therapy to rebuild her muscles and assist with normal gait.
CorgiAid supporters will help this sweet little girl get back on her feet. Thank you!

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