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Monty: Granted September 08, 2006


The Story of Monty

Last Updated: September 08, 2006

Rescuer: Elizabeth Dukesherer at

Monty was found wandering with his canine companion at a park and came into the shelter as a stray. He was never claimed by his owners and Faery Tails was contacted to take him into their program. Monty arrived in quite a state of neglect. His nails were horribly overgrown and he was so incredibly filthy the groomer gave him 8 baths just to get the worst of the layers of accumulated grime from his coat. Monty is overweight and will need to have his diet and exercised monitored to reach a healthy weight and feel his best once again.
In spite of his apparent physical neglect, dear Monty has shown himself to be a sweet fellow who is ever hopeful for a kind word or a gentle pet from whomever he meets.
Monty arrived from the shelter and as part of his initial vet exam basic bloodwork was done and a urine specimen obtained as he seemed somewhat distressed physically, although upon initial exam he presented with no obvious signs/symptoms of illness. Lab results from initial bloodwork showed he was had a bladder/kidney infection and elevated liver enzymes. Chest & abdominal radiograph films show he had developed pneumonia. He was started on IV fluids and IV antibiotics and nebulizer breathing treatments. His films also showed some questionable areas of concern in the kidney/liver that could not be clearly evaluated on the radiograph films alone. Dr. Morhaus recommended that an abdominal ultrasound be done by their radiologist to better assess his condition. Based on the ultrasound findings they will be better able to choose the correct treatment to administer for the best outcome to return Monty to full health.
CorgiAid supporters will help sweet Monty's condition be determined so that he can begin on the road to health. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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