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Pixie: Granted August 28, 2006


The Story of Pixie

Last Updated: August 28, 2006

Pixie was turned in due to a divorce. Neither party felt that it was in the best interest of Pixie for them to keep her.
Pixie is a bright, playful, and very sweet girl. She loves every dog in the house, and playing is her main goal in life. Once spayed, she will be a wonderful companion for the right family.
Pixie's prior veterinarian suggested that they turn the girl over to rescue rather than take her to a shelter. When their veterinarian found out that they did turn her over to rescue, she called to tell me that Pixie's blood was very slow to clot. She sent off for a vWD test. It was returned as 19%. She suggested that Pixie be taken to a specialist because basic pratice veterinarians would not spay her.
The specialist did a bleeding time - it came back normal - and then sent off for the DNA test. The DNA test returned showing that Pixie is a Carrier, not Effected. Although her spay will not be a normal spay, plasma or another product will need to be on hand, she is physiolocially "normal". The specialist says that Pixie can look forward to a long and healthy life.
CorgiAid supporters helped Pixie get this evaluation, and will stand by while she is spayed, to help ensure that all goes smoothly. Thank you!

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