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Joy: Granted August 22, 2006


The Story of Joy

Last Updated: December 13, 2006

Rescuer: Diane Myers at

Poor little Joy was purchased with the idea that she would be a puppymill production worker. Thank goodness the miller couldn't find anyone who would sell him a male! Given that Joy was not earning her keep, this sweetheart was relegated to an outdoor kennel, in this Texas heat, and given only her minimum requirements. Her teeth are hideous, she is emaciated, bones held together by skin that is barely adequate, peeling and scaly, leathery from over exposure, with lots of hair loss. Her toenails were the longest I'd ever seen. She had blisters between her toes and sores on the pads of her feet. She had a mammary tumor. Thankfully no heartworm!! She is weak and frightened, and lacks the energy and zest for life appropriate for a 3 year old. We named her Joy because we hope that with the right care, she will one day experience Corgi Joy, like every corgi deserves.
CorgiAid supporters helped Joy get healthy. Thank you! She has found her forever home. See how happy she is, by the flowers?

This dog is not available for adoption.

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