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Sarah: Granted August 10, 2006


The Story of Sarah

Last Updated: February 26, 2007

Rescuer: Faery Tails Corgi Re + Diane Tidd at

Sarah was an emergency rescue from a shelter. She was due to be put down in one day if a rescue didn't take her. She was considered unadoptable given her age, presumed blindness, deafness, presumed incontinence and lame left leg. Her lifelong owners had moved and, not wanting to take her along, had given her to a friend who soon dumped her at the animal shelter. They could not put her out as adoptable due to her many health and age issues.
There are no signs of aggressiveness or hostility in Sarah. She has a very sweet disposition and has gradually integrated herself into a household with 2 other spayed female corgis and a senior male American Eskimo. No problems with her housemate dogs although no particular interaction either. While enjoying company from all the humans in the home, she is particularly bonded to her foster dad and becomes his shadow the instant he gets home from work.
Sarah arrived compliant but disconnected after a 5 hour trip from the shelter direct to her foster home. She quickly responded to lots of TLC and a quiet environment, becoming more alert and responsive. She was obviously not blind or incontinent but is definitely deaf. She reads body language quickly and adapts to her infirmities well. Her mouth was a mess to the point that she could only eat food reduced to mush, a condition that has been corrected with a seriously overdue dental procedure. Her arthritis is severe and her left leg particularly affected, however, Sarah gets around with determination and is a good candidate for a cart.
CorgiAId supporters have helped Sarah get a clean and healthy mouth, so that she can be comfortable and happy while she looks for the loving retirement home she deserves. Thank you!
Update Feb. 2007 - Sarah has been adopted by a lovely couple making them a 3 Corgi family. Sarah tools around in her own custom fitted wheel chair cart and joins the family with their daily trips to the barn to care for the horses and for walks on their property.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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