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Jonas: Granted July 25, 2006


The Story of Jonas

Last Updated: July 25, 2006

Rescuer: Jessica Logan at

Dog was surrendered by owner who had purchased him last fall for breeding but he didn't produce. He arrived covered in fleas with extremely overgrown nails and horribly filthy. It took 5 baths just to get Jonas clean!
Jonas arrived into our rescue program with various medical needs to address to bring him back to health - rotten teeth and an infected mouth, he was a crypto-orchid male with an undescended testicle with a 1 pound tumor attached. We had our vet do a urinalysis and blood work to better assess his overall health and senior status.
Jonas is especially dear for one who has apparently endured a life time of neglect. He is eager for a kind word and a gentle touch.
CorgiAid supporters will help Jonas get healthy, so he can look for his forever home. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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