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Tess: Granted April 29, 2006


The Story of Tess

Last Updated: October 24, 2007

For the first 2 years of her life, Tess was loved and included in a couple's life. When the wife died in 2005, however, Tess's life changed completely. The husband locked Tess in her crate and left her without any movement, walks or exercise. Tess lived in this crate and lived her own urine and feces for nearly a year, from the time the wife died in April 2005 to the end of March 2006.
When she made it to safety, Tess was soaked in urine and feces, terrified, overweight at nearly 47 pounds (the owner was feeding her terribly over proteinized foods like smoked salmon and never walked her), unable to walk because of weight and nails so overgrown that they curled.
In addition, she had a severe bladder and urinary tract infection. Blood work was also performed, indicating off the charts protein and white blood cell counts.
Unfortunately for poor Tess, she had a bladder full of stones in addition to everything else. CorgiAid supporters have helped her get rid of the stones so she can begin to recover from her abuse. Thank you!

--------------------------------------- Update, October 2006:
With continued veterinary care, lots of love and plenty of exercise, Tess has turned a corner toward a new and wonderful life. From the horrible conditions from which she was rescued (a whopping 47 pounds, life-threatening bladder stones, numerous infections, socially impaired from living in a crate, etc.), she is now down to 30 pounds and is a robust, friendly, outgoing Corgi.
Thank you, CorgiAid supporters, for making this possible for Tess!

-------------------------------------------- Update, October 2007
"It's been a year and a half since we first brought Tess home and after much care and a tremendous recovery, Tess is as close to perfect as you can get. Down to 24 pounds from her initial rescue weight of 47 pounds, the only problems Tess continues to have is arthritis in her knees, as a result of the abuse, neglect and dangerous weight gain. But she is stronger and happier than ever and she is now the big sister to Brody, a fluffy Corgi who joined our family earlier this year. We've enclosed a picture of the happy dogs (Tess on left).
"Many thanks for your support and caring."

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