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Raffy: Granted March 24, 2006


The Story of Raffy

Last Updated: March 24, 2006

Rescuer: Arleen Rooney at

Raffy was found by a lady wandering and she brought her to vet as the dog had advanced cornea deterioration and limited vision. The vet turned the dog over to the shelter. The dog had a Home Again microchip and it was learned Raffy had been purchased from a pet store by a single fellow who gave him as a gift to his girlfriend. The fellow is in Iraq or Iran and the shelter spoke to his brother who relinquished the dog to the shelter. Raffy has KCS (KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS SICCA)also known as dry eye. Untreated he developed a heavy glaze over his corneas and ulcerations. He was able to be rescued on 2/9/06. He has been treated with vet prescription eye drops 4X a day since and has show improvement. He was neutered on 3/17 and is continuing on eye drop treatment.
He is a plucky little guy who despite his neglected beginnings has a happy outlook. He does have vision in the daylight and is showing improvement with the eye drop treatment. That will be a lifelong necessity.
CorgiAid supporters are helping Raffy's eyes feel better, so he can see as well as is possible for him. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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