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Lawrence: Granted March 11, 2006


The Story of Lawrence

Last Updated: March 11, 2006

Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending.
Lawrence was rescued from a hoader's house this week, along with 8 other dogs. His teeth were held in his poor mouth with plaque. He had several painful tooth abscesses. He had cataracts and was nearly blind. Lawrence had been living in a crate, all day, standing and lying in his own feces. He had ulcers on his feet and belly.
Yes, due to lack of human contact and the fact and his rotten living conditions, Lawrence did not want to be handled much and became very cranky with the vet staff.
The vet's recommendation was that Lawrence was not adoptable and should be mercifully escorted to the bridge. Which we did.
We surely wish that every dog had a loving home and good care. We know it's not true, and we know that some dogs do not reach rescue in time. CorgiAid supporters have helped with Lawrence's final expenses.
(Note that the pic was taken when he was younger and in better condition.)

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