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Sassy: Granted November 02, 2005


The Story of Sassy

Last Updated: November 02, 2005

Rescuer: Amanda Katasse at

That's Sassy on the right, with her Cardigan foster brother on the left.
Sassy was dumped in an overnight room at the shelter. Later when her owners were contacted they indicated they had never bothered to take her to the vet for her allergy problems or for the growth between her eyes, which appears to be a wart but needs to be checked.
Someone at the shelter put a very assertive ranting ad on Petfinder about the type of people who would just dump a dog who had been a part of their family. Luckily her rescuers saw it as her time was about up and now she's safe.
She's a senior but still perky dog, obviously once very loved and spoiled as a house dog. She settled right into her foster home and sleeps (happily) on the bed and gets very excited about walkies.
So far great with other dogs (young, active and pushy male and female puppy) and with cats, very sweet and acts younger then her reported age. She wants to be with people all of the time and really gets excited and bouncy when you pull out a lead. At some point she had basic obedience training so will be brushed up on her sits, heels, and downs.
CorgiAid supporters will help Sassy get healthy so she can look for the loving retirement home she deserves. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Amanda Katasse at for more information.

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