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Rugby: Granted October 01, 2005


The Story of Rugby

Last Updated: October 01, 2005

Here is Rugby's story, as told by his rescuer:
Rugby has a health issue that we have yet to fully determine so will not put up for adoption until then. He was put in a trial home with a guy who competes at herding. Came back in 6 weeks with no appetite, wobbly, droopy left eye. Took blood tests, no issues there. Vet. suggested MRI. Since that was expensive, I waited to see if he improved or got worse. A month later found that he had broken teeth, most likely from the herding. I had those removed as they were infected and he has not had a bad day since so am holding off of MRI.
He has had a tough life. Left alone most of time for first two years. No socialization. Tried one home, but was kicked by the horse and was laid up for 3 months. That could be contributing to his issues. Don't know. Second home looked great until he quit wanting to come out of the crate. When I went to see him, found him sick and not eating. Very depressed.
Now that he has a healthy mouth, he is feeling much better. CorgiAid suppporters helped Rugby get his smile fixed. Thank you!

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