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Wilbur: Granted August 31, 2005


The Story of Wilbur

Last Updated: December 20, 2005

Rescuer: Judy Burrier at

Here is Wilbur's story, as told by his rescuer:
"Wilbur was picked up tied to a telephone poll by a tiny string on a VERY busy main road. He had no collar or tags. He will of course be held for the 5 days then will be put up for adoption. I do have a corgi owner in the city that is willing to foster and/or adopt possibly if he would work out with her two female corgi's ( both rescue).
"He has shown absolutely no aggression. He does not appear dog aggressive at all and allowed me without a problem to lift him up in to the Animal Control truck. He met my dogs at the shelter ( aussie and border collie) and he was fine ~ no barking or growling. Seems like a sweet boy.
"He is about 6~ haven't taken him to the vet yet. He has heavy tartar on his teeth and will need a dental. He is extremely over weight however and is in need of a good nutritional diet! He appears to have had some matted hair cut out. His coat is dull. Other then that he appears in good spirit and health for a dog that was tied up to a telephone poll by a tiny string.. I am amazed he did not break the string and get hit . He was reported sitting there for awhile before I picked him up. I assume because the road was busy they figured someone would pick him up."
CorgiAid supporters will help Wilbur get healthy and fit so he can look for a family who will not abandon him. Thank you!
Update, Dec 20 2005. Wilbur has a new family with two Corgi sisters. Look at his smiling face now!

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