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Ein: Granted August 09, 2005


The Story of Ein

Last Updated: August 09, 2005

He belonged to a breeder who was "done" with him because he is 7. I went out there and DID NOT tell him I was with a rescue and bought him. Ein is having trouble eating. His teeth (and mouth) need dental care ASAP.
He is so cute and loving. He is red and white. I will send pics of him so you can see. His teeth are grey and some black. I am afraid he needs extractions as well as cleaning. He doesn't act in pain, but you can never really tell. All I know is that he is having a lot of trouble eating anything (even canned soft food). He is a really wonderful little dog and VERY smart.
CorgiAid supporters will help Ein get healthy (includin a nice clean mouth) so he can look for his forever home. Thank you!

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