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Wilson: Granted August 02, 2005


The Story of Wilson

Last Updated: August 02, 2005

Rescuer: Paul Drake at

Wilson was struck by a car in Sarasota, Florida on June 30, 2005. A witness to the hit-and-run took him to their vet clinic where he was stabilized and had X-rays. The X-ray showed a small pelvic fracture and a large break in the left rear femur. The vet clinic transferred Wilson to the Humane Society of Sarasota on July 1st. They treated for pain but did not take action to repair the fracture.
Two weeks later, a worker at the vet clinic where Wilson had been treated notified Sunshine PWCC Rescue that he was still in the Humane Society shelter and his owner had not claimed him. Sunshine took him in on July 16, 2005 and had him examined at Northeast Animal Hospital on July 19th. More X-rays were done since those from the HS were of poor quality. The fractures were confirmed but upon closer examination it was discovered that the femur was fractured in several places.
Prognosis for repairing the leg was not good; Wilson would have to see an orthopedic specialist and probably have pins, wires and prosthetic implants in the leg to ever be able to walk on it. Dr. Landers felt that Wilson would probably still have pain in the leg for the remainder of his life. The other option was amputation which Sunshine opted for, partly from cost concerns but also with a goal of faster recovery and less pain to the animal. The amputation was carried out on July 22nd. At the same time, he was neutered and microchipped.
Wilson is recovering nicely from his surgery and will need to stay in foster care for about 6 weeks for his pelvic fracture to knit.
Wilson is quite dog-friendly. He needs some work on housebreaking but in his current condition we're not stressing this too much. He's a curious boy and enjoys company. His young age and personality make him quite adoptable in spite of having lost a rear leg.
CorgiAid supporters helped with the cost of Wilson's surgery. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Paul Drake at for more information.

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