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Bud/Braveheart: Granted June 28, 2005


The Story of Bud/Braveheart

Last Updated: June 28, 2005

Rescuer: Deborah Nosse at

Here is Bud's story, as told by his rescuer:
"BH was found in the basement of a house along with two other purebred dogs, a Chow and a Bassett. The owners had moved, leaving the dogs behind. Days later, they were discovered and removed to the county shelter. There, the shelter workers treated his scrapes and contacted Corgi rescue. The county shelter cannot keep animals for long, and regularly euthanize. Due to their kindness all three dogs were rescued just in time, the day before they were to be put to sleep.
"Bud had a noticable limp on his right rear leg, and his teeth were grey and caked with tartar. He had loose bloody stool which cleared up with four days' feeding of a premium dog food. His limp, diagnosed by xray, was determined to be arthritis in the right hip probably caused by a traumatic injury. He has a good prognosis if kept on the light side, and given small doses of NSAIDs. His new owners are prepared to care for his condition and are supplementing him with glucosamine now.
"His vet visits covered shots and an exam at the first vet, and a visit to the Fairmont clinic where an animal orthopedic vet is on staff. The Fairmont clinic performed xrays and a teeth cleaning and microchip. Bud was given a week's worth of antibiotics and his gums fully recovered."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Bud get healthy, which enabled him to find his forever home. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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