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Hero: Granted June 14, 2005


The Story of Hero

Last Updated: June 14, 2005

Here is Hero's story, as told by his foster:
"This dog was taken in as a stray (A#353208) at the Bakersfield Shelter in Kern County. I am a shelter scout there for Animal Match Rescue Team, and was asked to take the dog due to his extreme age. This is a lovely dog. Little is known about his other than the fact that the owner left him at shelter after they were alterted he was there. Apparently, they could not afford to bail him out; which would explain the very bad condition overall of the dog.
"The poor doggie came in filthy with a matted coat, three teeth, and a whopping case of kennel cough which he is being treated for currently. He walks quite well for a 21 yo, and while having both some vision and hearing loss, he gets around quite well and is completely continent."
CorgiAid supporters are helping Hero get better. He is one valiant old guy and we are so glad we can help him be comfortable. Thank you!

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