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Max: Granted June 14, 2005


The Story of Max

Last Updated: June 14, 2005

CorgiAid is intended to help with the medical expenses of dogs in rescue. Sometimes we are able to help with a very newly-adopted dog, when it is clear that the dog's problem existed at the time of rescue.
Here is Max's story, in the words of his family:
"My family adopted our dog, Max (a Corgi mix), from the Humane Society of St. Joseph County on November 17, 2004.The staff told us that max had been abandonded and brought to the pound for adoption. We had expected to take Max home on November 7, 2004, but due to a sudden "runny nose", the humane society decided to put Max on a ten day dose of antibiotics. He was then cleared for us to take home on the 17th. The humane society guestimates that Max was approximately 9 weeks old at the date of adoption. To the best of our knowledge, we were adopting a healthy puppy. Less than 18 hours later, I had to rush Max to an animal hospital due to severe vomiting, diareaha and lethargy. He was diagnosed with the Parvo virus. I was told that without immediate and aggressive treatment, Max would not survive. Our family decided to pursue treatment. After five agonizing days, Max survived and is a happy, healthy member of our family.
"Now that Max has survived his near-death virus, he is growing very fast. He loves to play fetch, chew on his toys, and sniff everything he possibly can. His tail wags so fast on ocassion that it almost knocks him over. He loves his daily walks, but he especially loves greeting our son, Sammy, as he gets off the bus every afternoon."
Thank you, CorgiAid supporters, for helping Max recover from parvo and become a beloved family member.

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