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Nimbus: Granted June 14, 2005


The Story of Nimbus

Last Updated: June 14, 2005

Here is Nimbus's story, as told by his foster:
"Nimbus was found trying to swim out of a canal. He was taken to local Emergency Animal Clinic by a good samaritan. The dog was cleaned, fed, and examined by the emergency vet on hand.
"Nimbus is very well manered in that he learned the house rules within a matter of a few days. He learned where to sleep and which parts of the house are off limits. However, he came into our home with his front feet 'ripped up' and swollen from the sides of the canal. After bringing him home, he was given oral antibiotics, a topical spray for his sore feet, and an oral pain management for his feet- he was limping because of how sore he was. After a slight recovery, he started to develop symptoms that pointed toward a neurological disorder. His third eyelid started protruding excessivly and he lost his appetite and therefore started losing weight quickly. He was unable to eat even a small amount of food with out tiring. After trips to the veterinarian, he was diagnosed with a Tetanus Infection. Thankfully found in its early stages, he is recommended to have Penicillin shots twice daily for the next few weeks. He is also recommended to have surgery to 'flush out' the cysts that have developed on his paws due to the foreign objects that have been 'jammed' under his skin from when he was in the canal.
"He is a wonderful dog that has the classic corgi attitude- ornery as ever and the intelligence that is attributed to the breed. We hope that he is able to make a full recovery."
CorgiAid supporters are helping Nimbus recover from his horrendous experience. Thank you!

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