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Raleigh: Granted June 13, 2005


The Story of Raleigh

Last Updated: June 14, 2005

Raleigh is an example of the wonderful things done via networking. Raleigh was pulled from the shelter by one person, handed off to another, and finally handed off to a third, who can foster him longer-term while he looks for his forever home.
Here is the beginning of his rescue story:
"Raleigh is an owner turn-in from Smyrna. A volunteer emailed me about him. He was supposed to have 'played too rough with the neighbor's new dog.'
"Raleigh loves being BESIDE ME all the time. He's lying on the floor by the computer in the flying squirrel position as I write this. He walks on a leash, holds still for brushing, didn't mind a bath. He does fine with my female, Roxie, could be pushy with males. (Probably some testosterone left in the system :-)!"
Raleigh has been neutered, and is well on his way to being ready to find his forever home.
Thank you, CorgiAid supporters, for being there for Raleigh!

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