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Fritz: Granted June 07, 2005


The Story of Fritz

Last Updated: June 28, 2005

Rescuer: Tina Anderson at

Fritz is a little gem. He is a great combo of Corgi and Chow... though his head shots look more "chowish" his body, attitude, demeanor, and "movement" are all Corgi. We have gotten him inoculated, treated him for Giardia, and are getting the results of hearworm tests. He was a sweetheart at the vet... while there, the tech ran out to get the other vet and told her she "had" to come in and see the corgi with the "chow tongue"... he is getting along with all dogs, has a very soft mouth, loves pets, being groomed, walked and talked to.
This is one of the "special" ones... when he was taken to the humane society, the person there saw "corgi" all over him and didn't hesitate to call a corgi rescue to get him. Said he has a "great little personality"!
CorgiAid supporters have helped Fritz get healthy, so he could find his forever home. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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