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Cassie: Granted April 15, 2005


The Story of Cassie

Last Updated: April 15, 2005

Cassie was a divorce casualty. Luckily, before it was too late, a neighbor noticed that she had been exiled to the backyard and was in very poor condition. This woman talked the owner into releasing her and immediately took her to the nearest shelter. One of the volunteers took her immediately to the vet for treatment of demodectic mange. While the volunteer was trying to help, apparently the vet was having a bad day. We received Cassie late on Saturday, First thing Monday morning we took her into our vet. The prescription of Ivormectin that the first vet had prescribed was almost double the dosage of what she should have. Luckily it was remedied in time.
Cassie's has lost approximately 85% of her coat and most of what is left is thin guard hairs. 50% of her body is covered in open sores from scratching. She was immediately dipped and the dosage of Ivormectin was cut to a reasonable dosage. She is also taking Benadryl for the itching. She was also positve for tapeworms and heartworms. She was vaccinated, but due to the sensitivity of her skin condition, the decision was made that she should have time to recover from the mange before we even microchip her. However, she will be as soon as she can handle it. It will be a while before she is up to being treated for HW.
CorgiAid supporters are helping Cassie get comfortable in her own skin, so she can be spayed and then look for her forever home. Thank you!

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