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Skye: Granted March 21, 2005


The Story of Skye

Last Updated: March 21, 2005

Skye was turned into a shelter. The owners had a baby and didn't want the dog any longer. :-(
Skye has Demodex Mange. She also has a severe fungal infection in her ears and on her feet. Her teeth were in terrible condition. While treating for the Demodex and the fungus, she had a reaction to the fungal medication and almost died.
Skye must be dipped every two weeks until a skin scraping shows that she is free of the mange parasite. She was doing well with her treatment when she had the allergic reaction to the fungal medication, Miconazole. We had to stop the dips until she recovered from the reaction. Her feet were bloody and swollen, she was raw on her belly, and her ears were raw.
Skye is doing well after her second dip. Her feet are no longer bloody and her ears are clearing up. She will need approximately 3- 5 more dips according to ut veterinarian.
Skye was and is a very sweet girl. She has done very well with her medical procedures, never objecting. She loves attention and listens well. She is now a happy recouperating Corgi girl.
CorgiAid supporters are helping Skye get well. Thank you!

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