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Noelle Marie: Granted December 13, 2004


The Story of Noelle Marie

Last Updated: December 13, 2004

Rescuer: Susie Noel at

Noelle was found wandering on a lady's property in Loudon County, TN. They tried for days to catch her but couldn't till she hid in the barn one night during a storm. She would run from humans and was terrified at the shelter. It's unknown whether she was feral or traumatized by being lost.
I went to see Noelle at the shelter on Sat. She is a tiny teacup doodlebug whitely corgi like Barnianne, except her head is sable. I filled out paperwork and paid for her vet work, but they wouldn't let her leave the shelter till she went to the vet to be spayed today. When we went to pick her up this afternoon, she was still very sleepy and hadn't woke up enough to stand. They asked us to wait another hour to give more time. A few minutes later, they came and they told us she had started bleeding badly from the surgery. (Lucky we hadn't started home...a 3 hour drive...with her!) They normally don't do pre-surgery bloodwork for spay surgery on shelter dogs, so none was done on Noelle. They needed to do bloodwork this afternoon to see if something internal is going on. She also needs to be hospitalized till the bleeding is stopped and she's stable.
CorgiAid supporters will be there for Noelle Marie as she struggles to get well. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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