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Magnus: Granted December 07, 2004


The Story of Magnus

Last Updated: December 08, 2004

Rescuer: Paul Drake at

Owner surrender to Sunshine PWCC rescue on October 31, 2004. Owners had just relocated from Wisconsin and had a new baby. Due to lack of time available for Magnus, they elected to surrender him to our rescue program. They indicated that their vet in Wisconsin had noticed an arch in Magnus' back and felt that it was a temporary sprain. Soon after Sunshine took him in, Magnus began running a high fever with several episodes of vomiting white foam. He became lethargic and would not eat. Our local vet, Northeast Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg, examined him (including X-rays) and suspected a GI tract infection. 10 days of Baytril seemed to help the symptoms. His fever subsided, appetite returned, and soon afterward we arranged for a family in Jacksonville to take him home. The day after this (November 21) he took a turn for the worse and they rushed him to their own clinic, Timuquana Animal Hospital, where he was put on IV fluids and antibiotics while tests were run. The diagnosis by Dr. Olga Walker was meningitis in the neck possibly caused by a tick-borne agent. Further tests have eliminated Lyme Disease or other tick-borne illness as a culprit. He may also be suffering from a depressed immune system.
Even when he's feeling his worst, he is very well-behaved. He has been around children as young as three years and gets along with all other dogs.
CorgiAid supporters will help Magnus as he fights to get better. Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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