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Salli-Anne: Granted October 21, 2004


The Story of Salli-Anne

Last Updated: October 21, 2004

Rescuer: Tina Anderson at

Here is Salli-Anne's story, from her rescuer:

I have a "friend" who generally rescues cats. Barbara was trapping feral cats in a dump/culvert area of Hayward. She saw this dog, and was convinced she was a corgi or corgi mix. She spent FOUR MONTHS (!) tracking her down, setting humane traps, trying to talk to this dog... watching her eat Nasty Things (like dead possums & rats) and finally she caught her.
Barbara brought her to me... and an amazing transformation has taken place. She is actively seeking out "lap time". She is starting to play with my little corgi boy. She was a dream at the vet... she has let me cut her nails... AND SHE HAS FOUND EVERY LOW POINT IN THE FENCE, AND EITHER JUMPED OR CLIMBED OVER! She is an escape artist... probably how she got lost in the first place. I feel like she is a very "poor bred whitely pem" or a Pem/American Eskimo cross. (So does my vet, and her techs who really know corgis).
After living "feral" for so long... she has decided she definately likes people and is showing very mild separation anxiety. She cannot be left in a yard by herself or she will go traveling to find 'her people'. She is a lap love just waiting for a good home!
This pup looks like someone took a regular corgi... and bleached her. She has red ears, and red in her coat... but really resembles the 'whitely' corgis I have seen. She and Firecracker (my black headed tri) look like salt and pepper when they play!

CorgiAid supporters will help Salli-Anne get up to speed on health care so that she is ready to find her forever home. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Tina Anderson at for more information.

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